Zombie Preparedness

There is not much difference between preparing for a Zombie attack and other type of emergencies. Preparing to be self sufficient for 72 hours or more is recommended no matter what the emergency is.

Prepare to Leave & Prepare to Stay

Evacuating where you are because of a hazardous chemical spill, flood or other type of emergency is an unsettling experience even if you are prepared. Having your families supplies identified and readily available can have a huge impact on how the following days will play out.

Questions to Ask & Answer

  • Do you have enough food, water and back up power, what about heat and lighting supplies?
  • If there is a chemical spill and you are told to Protect in Place do you know how, do you have supplies to seal your doors and windows? 
  • Where is the safest place in your home?

Keep in Mind

There are not enough emergency responders or supplies for each and every home immediately after an emergency. It will take time to get both in quantities to everyone that needs help after a major emergency or incident. It may be that the responders just need a little time to fix a leak and clear the area before you can come outside.

Preparedness Exercise

The Henry County Office of Emergency Management is conducting a preparedness exercise this year and you can be part of it. Build a Kit and Have a Plan for Zombies is a fun way for families to be better prepared for the more normal types of emergencies while participating with others in getting ready for a Zombie Apocalypse.

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