August 10, 2005 Storm Damage

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Emergency Response Trailer

The Emergency Response Trailer (ERT) is a 24 foot long 4-wheel trailer used to respond to emergencies within Henry County Indiana. The front 10 feet consists of a Mobile Command Center (MCC) and the rear 14 feet houses the counties Hazardous Materials Equipment. The unit is staffed with volunteer/career firefighters that respond in as a mutual aid response with the agency that is the primary agency at the incident.

The ERT communications system currently consists of two VHF radios, 1 Citizens Band radio and 1 HAM radio. It also has hook-ups for 2 hard wire telephones. A Color TV and VCR that receive information from either an amplified color TV antenna or external inputs for onsite video cameras. This allows the on-site OIC to see what the news agencies are providing, especially from helicopters that may provide the birds eye view. The onsite video allows monitoring of external events from inside the ERT.

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Kids Safety Trailer

The Henry County Emergency Management Agency's Kids Safety Trailer was purchased from Warren Township Fire Department in 2003. It was in need if some TLC a we had just the community to give it.

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  • The top deck was completely removed and replaced with a new sloped one and the bottom deck was recovered.
  • New handrails were built and installed upstairs and down.
  • The entire unit received new carpet.
  • A new window was built to replace the one missing upstairs.
  • A fresh coat of paint, the new signage was installed.
  • A new roof is in the works for this year.