Emergency Contractors

In the event that the Incident Commander (IC) makes the determination that an Emergency Response or Hazardous Waste contractor should be called in - either to carry out cleanup initiatives or dispose of hazardous waste collected during a response - the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The IC should document one of the following:
    1. The responsible party's request that an emergency contractor be called in on their behalf.
    2. The county agency's (fire department, police department, etc.) request that an emergency contractor be called in to the incident response.
    3. The IDEM Office of Environmental Response suggestion that an emergency contractor be called.
    4. The rational behind the IC's determination to call an emergency contractor to the scene.
  2. The IC should record the time the emergency contractor was contacted, as well as the contact person with whom they spoke.
  3. The IC should contact the emergency contractors list on the following pages in the order listed, unless a logical reason for deviating from this order exists. If so, that reason should be documented for post-incident review purposes.

Emergency Contractor List

View the Hazmat Spill Contractors Local Response List (PDF)