Step 7 - Incident Termination

The Incident Commander (IC) shall make the determination as to when the incident is officially terminated. Upon termination of the incident, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. The IC shall ensure that all aspects of the incident and its response are properly documented. This shall include the following considerations:
    1. Determining if any financial liability exists for organizations other than the LEPC
    2. Ensuring that all reporting to the appropriate agencies has been completed
  2. The IC shall ensure that a clear, written report of the response activities is written to allow for the analysis of those activities.
  3. The IC shall ensure that proper arrangements have been made for the removal/disposal of any hazardous waste generated as a result of the incident.
    1. If a facility, EHS or otherwise, cannot be identified as a responsible party for the hazardous waste, the IC should consider contacting one of the Emergency Contractors
  4. The IC shall ensure that all evacuated employees (as well as those protected-in-place) are informed of the incident's termination, and that the details of the incident are clearly explained to those people by an informed person. (This shall include designating an individual as a contact person, and providing the evacuated persons with that individual's phone number in case they have any additional questions in the following days.)
  5. If applicable, the IC (or other LEPC member) follow up with EPA Region 5 to determine if all necessary reporting has been properly completed. The EPA Region 5 office can be reached at the following:

    Region 5
    77 W Jackson Boulevard
    Chicago, IL 60604

    Phone: 800-621-8431