Tier 2 Reporting Facilities in Henry County

Due to currant security precautions tier II information is not available online. Persons that do not have access through this website may call the Local Emergency Planning Committee at 765-521-0582 to view needed documents.

Emergency Assistance

The documents included on this website may not contain emergency phone or contact information. In an emergency call 911 and the dispatcher will make all of the appropriate contacts.

Information to Include in a 911 Call

  • Location and nature of problem (spill, fire, etc.)
  • Name and ID number of material(s) involved
  • Shipper/consignee/point of origin
  • Carrier name, rail car or truck number
  • Container type and size
  • Quantity of material transported/released
  • Local conditions (weather, terrain, school, water)
  • Injuries and exposures
  • Local emergency services that have been notified