User Fees

Center Funding

The Henry County Emergency Services Training Center was made possible by initial funding provided by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). IDHS provided $100,000 in grant money to the each of the ten Districts for fire service training. District 6 consists of 13 counties located in East Central Indiana. The District 6 Fire Instructors Association decided to split the money and build 4 training centers. Henry County took on the challenge and with the help of then Mayor Jim Small, a location was found and designated as the Henry County Emergency Services Training Center.

Additional funding and materials have been provided by dozens of partners to date.

Use by Agencies

Due to the requirements set forth in the IDHS grant agreements the use of this facility will continue to be at no cost to those agencies wish to train their responders.

Donations & Support

We are more than willing to accept financial donations to help maintain utilities and continue the construction process. Contact the Henry County Emergency Management Agency with donations of funding, materials or labor.