Auditor's Office

Homestead Deductions

  • You must live in the property on March 1st of the year in which you file and it must be your principal place of residence.
  • 45,000 deduction from the assessed value or ½ of total residential assessed value (whichever is less).
  • Can be combined with all other deductions.

Disabled Person Deductions

  • You need proof of disability from social security.
  • Taxable income cannot exceed $17000.
  • A person may not apply for this exemption while receiving the Disabled Veterans or the Disabled Person exemption.

Disabled Veteran Deductions

  • Applicant must provide a certificate of eligibility from the Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • Applicant cannot receive a tax deduction for being a disabled veteran in conjunction with a disability exemption or an over 65 exemption. Note that a Disabled Veteran Deduction may replace either a Disabled Exemption or an Over 65 exemption.
  • Age 62+ with 10% - 90% disability rating from the VA  = $14,000  “Total”
  • Under age 62 with 10% - 100% disability rating from the VA = $24,960  “Partial”
  • Age 62+ with 100% disability rating from the VA and Assessed Value is less than $240,000
     = $38,960  “Total + Partial” or “Full”

Geothermal Deductions

  • You must fill out application packet located in the auditor’s office.
  • Once complete the values will be determined by the assessor.

Heritage Barn Deductions

  • You must meet the specifications that define and determine a heritage barn.
  • The application with additional information can be found in the auditor’s office and will be determined by the assessor.

Over 65 Deductions

  • You must be 65 prior to January 1, of the year in which you file.
  • Your assessment cannot be over $240,000.
  • Your adjusted gross income cannot be over $43,480 (married) or $32,610 (single)  does not include non-taxable Social Security.
  • If you file a federal or state income tax return, we must have a current copy.
  • Maximum amount of deduction is 1/2 of net assessment up to $14,000.
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